FA Solar Water Heater

FA Solar, the gift of nature for you and your family. Imagine that a FA Solar hot water system that requires no gas / electricity consumptions, conserves hot water up to 72 hours and fully reliable, economical plus environmental friendly. And it is absolutely hassel-free, leakage-free and needs minimal maintenance. With up to 20 years of product warranty, FA Solar will replace a brand new set of solar panel or water tank due to product defect. For the well being of you and your family, get FA Solar now!

FA Solar hot water system / water heater had been installed successfully in many housing projects locally and also abroad such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. With over 20+ years of experience in solar technology, FA Solar commands a team of professionals dedicated to provide only the best solar hot water system. Be it in design, durability, performance, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction, FA Solar is the most trusted choice. FA Solar, it's a gift of nature!

Specifications of FA Solar Water Heater


Hassle Free System

FA Solar is build to last. It has no pump, electrical sensors or moving parts. Thus, minimal maintenance is required.

Continuous Long Hours Hot Water Supply

Hot water can be generated between 60C to 80C, up to 72 hours. 

Excellent Conserved

Absorbs solar energy at a fast rate, and to supply with instant hot water.

No More Queue

Every bathroom will be supplied with hot water. 

Energy Saving

Saves gas and electricity usage when boiling water, washing clothes or cooking.

Environmental Friendly 

Hassle hazard-fee and helps to conserve the nature. 

Hot Water Available in Every Corner of Your Home

One system to satisfy all your hot water needs. 

Healthier and Cleaner Lifestyle

Feeling tired after a day at work? Sooth yourself in a warm tub for a moment of mental relaxation. It helps to revitalize blood circulation and preserve healthier skin composition.

Amidst Your Busy

Anytime, day or night. FA Solar works all year round with a twist of your taps. 

Back-up Booster

FA Solar has incorporated a back-up booster for rainy days or during festive seasons when you need more hot water than usual. Just turn on the switch, it is thermostat controlled. 

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